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Nobody-Knows-front-9-30-11-75WMark Saunders’s cartoons gave me an opportunity to create a distinctive and unique book interior. You can click on an image for a larger version. And don’t miss a look at designing the cover here.

expatThe book is narrated in the first person, so it was natural to grab this  “expat” from his cartoons to characterize the author in a fun way on the title pages.

This is the half-title page, normally the first page in a book that usually features only the title. I introduced the expat character here and included a tease about the cartoons as well. Click for a larger image.

interior-spread-thum Chapter openings: Each chapter starts with a bit of introductory copy that’s different from the main narrative. I made it distinctive with a different font and used the expat graphic to take your eye there. Because of the strength of the illustration, I made each chapter opening a spread with the title on the left-hand page. Click for a larger image.

toon-spread-thum Cartoon usage: Each cartoon was placed on the right-hand page of a spread after a chapter ended. Sometimes the left page was blank, and that looked fine. Click for larger image.

This is the full title page with the author’s name and a little blurb about the book, plus the publishing company logo. Click for a larger image.


Novel, Kathleen Toomey Jabs
Fuze Publishing