chalk_boardFeatured interior designs.

Interior design isn’t just formatting the text, it involves adding or creating graphic elements that enhance the book’s flavor and the reader’s experience. And a lot of work goes into eliminating “orphans” and “widows,” which are bad line breaks in the text that can put a word all by itself on a line or a line of a paragraph isolated at the top or bottom of a page. That’s where my editing skills come in handy (all edits are subject to approval by the author).

Check out the interior designs for this book, too. Just click on the cover.


AR-front-cover-200WToday’s featured interior design is my work for the interior of Allah’s Revenge, a speculative thriller (and I can heartily recommend).

Take a look at the elements and pages here.

Pete-photoThe author, Pete Barber, is a British expat who now lives in North Carolina, was a computer software developer before he turned to writing. His scientific expertise informs this story in a fascinating way.


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