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AR-front-cover-64WAllah’s Revenge was a challenge because it is about nanobots, constructs that are molecular in size, used as a weapon of mass destruction.

chalk_boardCheck out the interior design, too.

How do you show nanobots? I found a photo of a swarm of ants and manipulated it until it didn’t look like ants and could be nanbots attacking tissue inside a person. nanobots


A good cover “storytells,” raises story questions, and I think this cover does that. In Allah’s Revenge, the story is international, with attacks by the nanoweapon wielded by Islamic terrorists. The weapon destroys by “eating” organic matter.

destroy fontEven the font plays a part--I found a font named, ironically, “Destroy” that adds to the flavor.

AR-eat spineThe nanobots attack the cover, eating away at the spine and the ISBN number.





Flags are a great way to show the international part of the story. This is the stock art I used for the nanoweapon to “eat”:

Old Glory

Union Jack