This is a new online workshop that gives writers extensive personal coaching on their opening 20 pages, which might include more than one chapter.

Four writers form a workshop group and work on their opening chapters with bi-weekly rewrites and communal critiques. Each rewrite focuses on elements covered in these sections of Flogging the Quill: storytelling, description, dialogue, and technique.

Each workshopper receives a free copy of Flogging the Quill. If you’ve already purchased the book, you receive credit for the cover purchase price ($19.99).

How it works:

I create a session blog space for workshoppers. They email to me their first chapters and I post them on individual pages. In the initial go-round, workshoppers study the section on storytelling in Flogging the Quill and then post critique comments of others’ chapters focused on the craft focus for the first session (storytelling). I then post my critique of each one. Then workshoppers study the feedback and rewrite their chapters.

For the second session, workshoppers email their revised chapters to me and I post them. I’ll critique the revisions according to the craft focus and post line edits if they are called for; workshoppers are invited to add their comments. Then the group focuses on the next section of the book for a rewrite (description).

And so on, for a total of 8 weeks covering 4 sections of the book. Note: this time frame can be  modified to suit the pace the group wants, either slower or quicker.

Protecting your work:

  • Via email, workshoppers sign a nondisclosure agreement (see below).
  • The workshop blog is password-protected.
  • When the workshop is done, I take down the session’s blog pages and posts to protect the writers’ works as much as possible. Pages may be cached on the Internet for a time, but they will eventually go away.

Non-disclosure agreement

(Put this as the subject line in an email to

Subject: FtQ Killer First Chapter non-disclosure agreement.

 I will not copy distribute, or disclose in any way content posted to the FtQ First Chapter online workshop by any other workshopper.

Signed by:


The fee: the total cost for the workshop, which includes a free copy of Flogging the Quill and 4 sessions of intensive line-editing and coaching on your first chapter by Ray Rhamey, plus three additional pairs of fresh eyes, is $250.00.

Once you’ve signed up, I’ll send a complete guide as to process, timing, etc.


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