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front-Black-Wings-cover-64WBlack Wings was fascinating because it’s a mystery involving women cadets at the Navel Academy and the death of the first woman in combat fighter training.

chalk_boardCheck out the interior design, too.

I like to start with strategy, or objectives. In this case, the cover had to visually communicate:

  • the Navy
  • pilot
  • mystery

The elements I combined from stock photograpy and art added up to all those things, especially the mysterious face beneath the sea.


 Fuze-logo 100WIt is published by Fuze Publishing LLC, a quality Indie publisher. I hope you will visit their site and support them

This photo of the sea, minus the boat and the sky, provided the full cover image, front and back.

The original stock photo of a “dead” woman. This took a fair amount of reworking with Photoshop.


This image was originally gold in color.


Novel, Kathleen Toomey Jabs
Fuze Publishing