Featured design Explore the objectives and techniques used to achieve an effective book cover and interior. Today’s featured cover design is my work for a gripping speculative thriller, Allah’s Revenge (highly recommended!). The interior design is here.

ebook packages Economy package provides the essentials, Full-service package includes everything you need (other than editing) to publish your ebook on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, and Sony.

Mt.-Doom-3D-150W3D image of your book cover. Even if we didn’t design your book cover, we can create for you a cool 3D image of your book. Check it out here.


Explore my novels and my nonfiction book on the craft of writing at Thanks.

The “outside eyes” of an editor are a necessary ingredient for a successful book. If your book is professionally edited and only needs design and publishing help, great. But if you plan to publish without an edit, odds are you’ll end up with an amateurish book--and why should anyone buy one of those? Learn more.

A book cover that catches the eye and provokes interest is essential whether you’re publishing in print or ebook format--and it doesn’t hurt to have a designer who understands the difference between simply designing for the bookstore and designing to be effective on websites--covers are prime factors on Amazon. Learn more.

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When working with Ray, life really is a box of chocolates! Brilliant design, and his editing inspired me to expand the work; adding depth and color, increasing the novel’s range, and raising the stakes. Pete Barber, author of Allah’s Revenge

With Crrreative, you can optimize what you earn from sale of your books. Turnkey services like Lulu and CreateSpace get the job done, but they can take a big bite that you don’t need to pay. Learn more about costs here. And here’s how to distribute your ebook to maximize profit.

Enhance your chances for success. According to The Guardian, self-publishers who received help (paid or unpaid) with story editing, copy editing and proofreading made 13% more than the average; help with cover design upped earnings by a further 34%.


The interior design in a printed book makes the difference between a smooth read and a frustrating one, between a professional delivery of your narrative and ideas and one that suffers from mistakes. Whether you’re aiming for traditional printing, print on demand, or a PDF to market, go with a design that works. Learn more.

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Navigate publishing’s mechanics and requirements in print or ebook formats, and understand the differences between the “turnkey” companies that may offer services (and costs) that you don’t need. I’ll be your guide to getting your work published. Caveat: you’re the publisher, and once we have your book ready to go, you make the decisions on how to publish and market your book. Learn more.

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